First Full Week in TianMu

I always knew there was something different about that kid!

I always knew there was something different about that kid!

I successfully made it through my first full week in TianMu without anything too terribly bad happening! It’s pretty awesome here – when you look around, it feels like you’re in a major city, but yet still in the middle of a forest, because there are tree covered hills all around. I haven’t taken that many pictures yet, unfortunately, but I eventually will!

We’ve got a lot of great investigators here already. We finished teaching one of them all the lessons, had him take his baptismal interview (which he passed), and then found out he lives just barely outside our ward’s boundaries – therefore we have to pass him to another missionary companionship. There’s basically no work for them to do since he’s already prepared for baptism and was planning on being baptized this upcoming Saturday anyways.

Teaching the gospel and eating...two of my favorite things!

Teaching the gospel and eating…two of my favorite things!

On Monday we ate dinner with this awesome girl who’s our investigator from TAS – she also brought her friend. We ate together at BurgerandCo which has some really good burgers! She’s a senior and will be graduating this year! The nice thing about meeting people from TAS is that they all speak English since it’s an American school. Also, one of my investigators from LuZhou came up to TianMu to visit me! (shout-out to Kevin since he’ll probably read this)

Member of the Clean Plate (bowl) Club again!

Member of the Clean Plate (bowl) Club again!

Also, the ward mission leader from SanChong came up to eat lunch with us on Friday! It’s pretty fun here –

I like it!
– Elder Austin Simonson


Mother Terresa editorial – Another big thank you to Kevin Yang for the featured image and the following ones; I think I’m going to adopt him! 🙂


Food and friends...doesn't get better than that!

Food and friends…doesn’t get better than that!


Nice big bowl of snow ice...he's a happy camper!

Nice big bowl of snow ice…he’s a happy camper!

It won't last long!

It won’t last long!


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