You can always contact me via email:, however, I am only able to view and reply to emails once a week.


From November 18th, 2015, until January 27th, 2016, all mail (including, but not limited to, letters and packages) can be sent to:

Elder Austin James Simonson
2005 N 900 E Unit 66
Provo UT 84602


After January 27th, 2016, all mail must be sent internationally to Taiwan (please use both the English and Chinese addresses when mailing if possible):

Elder Austin James Simonson                         Elder Austin James Simonson

106-42                                                                  106-42

台灣台北傅道部                                                  Taiwan Taipei Mission

台北巿大安區                                                      4Fl, #24, Lane 183 Jin-hua St

金華街183巷24號4樓                                          Taipei, TAIWAN, ROC


Please avoid sending any beef jerky, beef products, or molasses products to Taiwan due to customs regulations. When any other type of food is sent, please simply write “food” on the customs forms. Mail may take up to three weeks in transit from North America.

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