Transfers, sad. Baptisms, happy.

National Palace Museum

Noooooooo! After three transfers, I was moved out of TianMu. 🙁 So on Thursday, I had to take my luggage and move over to a place called ZhongHe. Fortunately it’s still in Taipei, which is what I wanted! As an added plus, there’s a Costco pretty close to our house…and I  still have a Costco card! Continue reading


Third time's the charm!

Third time’s the charm!

IT’S OFFICIAL; I’ve now seen David Archuleta a total of three times within the last year. First was at the Missionary Training Center to celebrate the new year (he sang!), second was this last Wednesday when we had a fireside with him (and he sang…and took pictures with us…), and third was on Saturday when when went to his performance (obviously he sang…)! It was awesome! Continue reading