Costco and Volcanoes

Oh, Elder….shame you didn’t send more pictures. Guess I’ll just have to ‘honor’ you with this little photo collage….consider it my gift to you! lol
Love you, Buggie!

Last Monday, we had an awesome member named Paul, drive us to this cool park called 華山公園, that has lots of exhibits (they have exhibition halls there and what exhibits are up always rotates). Continue reading

Bowling for General Authorities

Back row: Daniel, Elder Lin, Elder Jorgensen, Elder Ren,
Front row: Sister Hansen, Sister Li, Shengrui, Me, Elder Lin, Elder Qiu

Last Monday, it was raining, but we were able to go to the bowling alley and bowl two games! We originally were bowling with the sisters in our district and a couple of members from our ward, but it just so happened that four elders from other areas also decided to come there to bowl as well! We ended up playing together with a total of 10 people! Continue reading