45 Days Remaining…

Fascinating, Elder Balmforth…tell us more…

This week has gone by pretty well! Despite being in the spot in Taiwan where it seems to rain the least, it rained a lot this week! Fortunately we have a dryer at home so we can dry all of our clothes each day when we get home. I used to try to always wear my nicer shoes, even when it was raining, but after doing that for over a year, I finally gave in to wearing Crocs. It works out so much nicer anyways, since there’s no socks to get wet and the shoes are rubber, so they don’t take long to dry out either.

Shopping at Costco can really work up an appetite! #FreeSamplesMustNotHaveBeenAvailable

Ward Mission Leader turned Cookie, the delivery man on a scooter!

Last Monday, we went bowling again, but this time we went with our ward mission leader, 李承維 (we just call him Cookie though….although he did finally decide on an English name he liked: Liam). Before we hit the alley, we scored at Costco; we did some shopping, had some lunch, and with the help of Cookie and his scooter, got all our food home.

Having fun on Pday is right up our alley!

We’ve been going most weeks to the bowling alley, so *hopefully* I’m getting better. In Taiwan I’ve never seen any bowling alleys that provide bumpers on their lanes, so it’s always fun to watch other Taiwanese people who aren’t amazing at bowling trying it out. Bowling isn’t a super big thing here, so most people are still at a beginning level.

Hey…are those my pants, Anderton?

On Wednesday, I was able to have a chance to see my trainer (aka my first companion in Taiwan, the former Elder Anderton) for the first time since last year! Fortunately I live near the airport, so I was able to take a taxi to the MRT station right before the airport and meet him there. It was super fun to be able to see him again after this long! He’s actually married now and came here to Taiwan with his wife and her family.

The usual….

Instead of the usual banana blueberry bread that I’ve been making recently, I made some chocolate cake last week. Apparently buttermilk isn’t a thing here in Taiwan, so one has to recreate it on their own. One of my taste-testing *minions* can attest that the end result at least tasted somewhat good! #success

Chocolate (Recreated) Buttermilk Cake

I’m not sure…I think I’ll need to eat another piece…just to be certain!

Supposedly there’s another typhoon that may come to Taiwan in about a week. It’s not really typhoon season any more, but there’s still typhoons! We’ll see if it comes close…

– Elder Austin Simonson


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