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What missions are all about: eternal perspective and everlasting friendships!                              #BROTHERS FOREVER!

We’re back again to Monday P-Days; last week was just an exception because of our temple day on Wednesday!

After we finished up at the temple, we headed over to the Maokong gondolas (which I did exactly two transfers ago on a temple day). Again, it was pretty fun! After that we also spiked a trip over to Taipei 101 again before heading back home.

This was Elder Huntsman’s last P-Day before heading back home to the US. Once we finished up with all our missionary things in the evening and got back home again, Elder Huntsman had to try to finish packing all of his stuff in his suitcases since he’d be leaving around 11am the next morning.


A little B-ball on P-day - Missionaries vs. Investigators/RCs

A little B-ball on P-day                             Missionaries vs. Investigators/RCs

Something else that was pretty cool was that Elder Johnson, Elder Huntsman’s companion when they were APs, came and spent the night with us in our apartment since he was leaving the next day too – it’s interesting since they’re the missionaries who picked me up at the airport and were there my first day in Taiwan, and then I was with both of them during their last week as missionaries in Taiwan!

Breakfast after the game (Elder Simonson and Carol)

Breakfast after the game (Elder Simonson and Carol)

Auditions for Facebook emoticons

On Wednesday, we also found out that my companion, Elder Chia, would be moving to a different area in Taipei. Since Elder Huntsman was going home, they decided to combine the two companionships into one: now it’s just Elder Puzey and me here in TianMu. We’ve got about 41 investigators between the two of us, so we’ve got a lot of work to do!



Elder Puzey became the district leader and I became the English unit leader, which means that I’m in charge of English class for our district.

We have a winner! #RealLifeEmoticon

We have a winner!

We’re pretty much always going to be busy throughout this entire transfer just because of the sheer number of investigators we already have – not to mention all the ones we hope to find within these next six weeks! This last week alone we ended up with like 15 new investigators, 9 member-accompanied lessons with investigators, and 45 other lessons! We hope to keep this up through our time working together here in TianMu!

The temple, the trainer, and the totally terrific Taiwanese brother!

The temple, the trainer, and the totally terrific Taiwanese brother!

Steak - Taiwanese style! YUM!

Steak – Taiwanese style! YUM!

Also, on Saturday, my first companion, Elder Anderton, and I were able to go into the temple with 陽明倫 (Kevin) for the first time! It was really fun – we were there for about two hours or so with him. We also went out to eat…another favorite thing of mine to do!

Food, friends, and feeling good!

Food, friends, and feeling good!

That’s pretty much it for these last few days! We still haven’t planned out exactly what we’ll be doing today for P-Day, but hopefully it should be fun!

– Elder Austin Simonson



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