Back to the Usual Monday

Just me again . . . and nope, I didn’t send many photos this week.

Well, now we’re back to the usually Monday P-day schedule…it’s only been five days since the last time I’ve emailed, and not much has happened since then!

In my Sunday best…

Yesterday it ended up that pretty much all of our investigators were busy and couldn’t come to church. Usually we’re able to get about five or so people to come, but this week, we ended up with just one. Still better than none, though! It just so happened that this Sunday was also the week that my companion and I were giving talks in church. The topic for my talk was missionary work, but I focused on learning how to teach like the Savior did. Mine ended up going about 20 minutes long…and I cut out a couple of scriptures and stuff on the spot. I think I end up speaking slower when I talk in Chinese.

How I start Pday . . .

Last Wednesday we went to this one park somewhere in Taipei. I actually forgot the name of it (it has 華山 in its name) but they usually have some exhibitions there as well as stores and a small movie theater that shows smaller scale movies (I don’t know how to describe them…they’re just not the huge, popular ones that are shown in the main movie theaters).

. . . how it ends!


(I did a little research – the place they went is called Huashan 1914 Creative Park. It originally opened in 1916 as a winery, and has gone through many changes over the years, ranging from production of sake, ginseng wines, and the breeding of moth orchids, to rice and fruit wines, liquors, and tobacco products. The name changed about as many times as the product production did. It later was moved to Linkou District and the building was left idle until 1997 when a theater group pushed to stop  the demolition of the building and used it to stage a production. In 2005, the current operations began and has since provided a place for artists to develop their creations as well as a venue for non-profit organizations to hold activities. Theater groups, painters, wood sculptors, writers, movie producers and directors from Taiwan and abroad have found the park to be a wonderful place to showcase their talents. Sounds like the Taiwan version of Sundance film festival…)

This little piggy came from the market…


While we were there, I bought a carved, wooden pig that I thought was cute. It was between that and a $60USD painting of a caveman roasting bananas over a campfire. I was really tempted to buy the banana painting, but in the end the pig won, because of the cost difference.


Started a fisher . . . now a fisher of men!

I also forgot to mention that at Jim’s baptism a couple weeks ago, not only did I get to confirm him and make cookies for everyone as refreshments, I also played the flute as part of a musical number during the baptismal service. One of the sisters played the piano, I played the flute, and my companion and another sister missionary sang.

Hanging with a pro…




This week I snagged a picture with one of our investigators, Braque. He’s a professional photographer and gets hired to go all over Taiwan to take pictures…usually of weddings, but he also photographs other things.

Camera shy Paul



I also snapped a quick pic at church with our awesome friend, Paul, who doesn’t like taking photos. Today we’re also hanging out with him…we still need to plan what we’re going to do though…

– Elder Austin Simonson



These two goofballs appear to be having way too much fun! (Thanks again, Jack, for the great photos!)


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  1. So happy you have enjoyed your missionary work. You have also acquired lifelong friends while their…many blessings Austin!

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