Bowling for General Authorities

Back row: Daniel, Elder Lin, Elder Jorgensen, Elder Ren,
Front row: Sister Hansen, Sister Li, Shengrui, Me, Elder Lin, Elder Qiu

Last Monday, it was raining, but we were able to go to the bowling alley and bowl two games! We originally were bowling with the sisters in our district and a couple of members from our ward, but it just so happened that four elders from other areas also decided to come there to bowl as well! We ended up playing together with a total of 10 people!

Having a ball on my mission!

The bowling alley was on the second floor, but below it (on the first floor) they had a DIY baking/food store…I ended up buying a lot of supplies so that when we finally get our toaster oven, I can make lots of food in it – including (but not limited to) cookies!

‘Striking’ it rich with ward members like ShengRui

On Saturday, Elder Cook came to visit us in Taiwan, and did some training for a lot of the church leaders here, including the bishops and stake presidents. Elder Suarez, Bishop Waddell, Elder Funk, and three other members of the Quorum of the Seventy, came along as well; all of the leaders attended with their wives. We had the opportunity to take a group picture with all of them (hopefully I can get a copy soon) and shake the hand of each of them before they spoke to us! They had a lot of good insights that they presented, but probably the biggest and most memorable part was from Elder Cook. At the end, he took a moment to remind us that the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles also continue to have spiritual experiences, however (just like for us), those experiences are private and they rarely (if ever) share them with others. Elder Cook felt as though he should tell us (without going into specific details ) that he can recognize the Savior’s voice and knows what His face looks like.

The Shums – a shining example!

Right before the conference, I got to meet Brother and Sister Shum. I knew their daughter, Karen, who is now serving a mission at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. My mom got to meet Sister Shum (Karen) when she was in Salt Lake, so it’s only fair that I get to meet her parents! The Shums also have a son that recently left on his mission; he is serving in Australia. As you can see by the example the Shums set, the Taiwanese people are righteous saints!

Food, glorious food!

Saturday night, we also had the privilege of attending an open house (I don’t know what else to call it) at a member’s new apartment. The dad is a member of the bishopric in the 新板 (XinBan) ward (we aren’t technically a part of their ward, but we take care of the male investigators that are in that area which includes attending their church services as well). There was lots of good food and it was a pretty fun activity! They also said a prayer to dedicate the house when we were all there.

Beautiful home – treasured memories!

Today we’re going out with one of the awesome members in our ward named Paul! He’s super nice and fun, but is busy a lot because of his work. It’s perfect, though, that today he’s got a bit of time to go out with us! (plus he has a car 😉)


– Elder Austin Simonson


(Another big shout out to Jack for the photos! It’s the next best thing to being there…)

Brothers….they get along so well!

Oops! Guess it was only a matter of time…LOL



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