Third time's the charm!

Third time’s the charm!

IT’S OFFICIAL; I’ve now seen David Archuleta a total of three times within the last year. First was at the Missionary Training Center to celebrate the new year (he sang!), second was this last Wednesday when we had a fireside with him (and he sang…and took pictures with us…), and third was on Saturday when when went to his performance (obviously he sang…)! It was awesome!

Elders Hammond and Simonson at the Archuleta fireside

Elders Hammond and Simonson at the Archuleta fireside

Meet our personal chef…we call him “Microwave”

Last Monday, we bought a new toaster oven and microwave for our apartment. We totally upgraded from our little dinky one that barely makes toast to this advanced one that we can bake cookies in if we want…or pizza…which we already did.

Food Network, mission style!

Food Network, mission style!







Night market auditions on the porch

Night market auditions on the porch

We also had a little visit from this baby bird on our back porch thing. He flew up and just sat there chirping until it’s mom flew over and gave it food. Then the mom would leave and it would start all over again – this lasted for about 4 hours. It didn’t really care about us though; I went up right next to it and it just stared at me while I took the picture!


Hey! Hack the app – catch some investigators!

Pokemon Go is what everyone here is obsessed with right now. The day after the app was released, we were walking through this small park and there were about 50 or so people there just wandering through the trees staring at their phones – it was pretty funny. I also got a picture from my friend, Kevin, of everyone at the zoo playing as well!


Today we’re going out with my first companion, Elder Anderton! He goes back home this Thursday so it’s his last P-Day here on island before he heads back home to Washington!

– Elder Austin Simonson

(Thanks for the fun photos below, Ting Ting!)

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