Lots of Biking and Some Really Big Plates

Robin with Elders Tweedledee and Tweedledum

This last week was super fun! My friend, Robin, from 士林 (Shì lín), came here to help us out for a couple days! I’ve never served in that area, but my previous ward, 母天, met in the same building as his ward does, so we met there.

Frick and Frack?….Three Stooges!

He accompanied us to talk with some of our investigators and also came to church on Sunday. In fact, he even stayed in the hostel of one of our investigators, and was able to talk with them a bit!


It’s long long road….

On Saturday, we biked about 30 kilometers down to 富里 to see some people. It was a little tiring, but it was still pretty fun. We also were able to meet some cool people on the way down there!


Or is it the stairway to heaven…

Bridge over cobbled water…

“For it must needs be that there is an opposition in all things.”


Along the path down there, we crossed a bridge which had some stuff about two tectonic plates that meet there! We tried to pull the plates apart, but I’m not sure if we made any progress.



Stand firmly

In addition there are a couple hearts that people can put locks on with their lover…I think I found a pretty complicated relationship given the number of locks that were together…

Bet it’s hard to unlock the mysteries of that relationship!

We’ve got a cool investigator named Andy that we were able to eat dinner with at the 陳 family’s house last Monday night. He comes to our English class every week – his English is already pretty good! He also has invited us to come help out some of the students at his school practice their English for a competition that is coming up next month. It should be super fun!

Tomorrow we’ll be taking a 5:47am train up to Taipei to have a big meeting with Elder Funk who is a leader of the Asian Area of the Church. Our meeting is about six and a half hours long – hopefully including lunch. Afterwards, we’ll have a couple hours left before we take the three hour long train ride back here to 玉里.

– Elder Austin Simonson

Oh, we had a new roommate…”Stanley”, but he didn’t last long. I think we “deflated” his hopes for the future…

Flat Stanley measured about 5″ across, and could likely have set some land speed records….in his prime.

To end on a brighter note…maybe.

Beauty and the beast


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