New kid on the block…

The week here has been pretty fun!!! Taoyuan is a great place to be in! My companion’s name is Elder Balmforth and he’s from Boston. This last week he hit his one year on a mission mark!

Elders Simonson and Balmforth…and Super Fun Kevin

On Friday, we ate lunch with a member at one of the big malls in our area! His name is Kevin, and he’s super fun. That same day we also visited the Chen Family; they all have really good English! (I believe what he means is they all speak English really well…I’m thinking Elder Simonson will want to take an English class his first semester back! lol)


This next week, we’re planning on making pancakes for members and their friends before church, so that should be exciting! Hopefully we’ll be able to get a lot of people to attend. In addition, this upcoming Saturday we’ll be having a board game night here at the chapel for members and their friends to come to.

Last night after church, we had the chance to go over to the Chi Family’s house to eat BBQ with them! They have two girls, although only one of them is in the picture – from left to right, the people in the photo are: Brother and Sister Chi with their daughter in front of them, Angel (this awesome girl in our ward who wants to go on a mission when she’s old enough!), Elder Balmforth, Brother Qiu (he’s leaving on a mission in a little over a week), Brother Li (standing next to me), and me.

BBQ at the Chi’s

Today we’re not really sure what we’re doing…maybe we’ll go bowling? We have to buy a lot of stuff since we just moved into a new apartment that’s closer to our proselyting area, and it doesn’t really have anything in it. Fortunately our area has two Carrefores and a Costco in it, so that’s pretty convenient. I added a box on the back of my bike this last week, so I’ll probably start carrying my camera around more – therefore more pictures in the future!

Yay Taiwan!

– Elder Austin Simonson


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