Yesterday, we had another chance to go out with our branch president and talk with members and investigators. This time he drove us up to 瑞穗 (Ruìsuì), which is about a 30 minute drive from 玉里 (Yùlǐ).

“Repentance, like soap, should be used frequently.” – Boyd K Packer

It’s super awesome – he plans to go out with us every Saturday for at least two hours! Plus we have the benefit of him driving us around too! In 瑞穗 (Ruìsuì), we met with the waiter in a restaurant that we’ve been going to every week when we have English class there, so we can talk to him. We help him translate the menu, so that when there are foreigners that come in, he’ll be able to include the English translation of the description of the dish offered. He’s super fun and nice…and also great at his job. The only problem we’ll have is getting him to church since: 1) it’s over a 30 minute drive from his house, and 2) he has to work on Sunday since he’s pretty much the only waiter. With the help of the Lord, we’ll find a way!

Couple of ‘clean’ cut guys!

This week we also met with our friend, the soap guy! His name is 黃先生 (Mr. Yellow). He’s really nice and always gives us free soap! He has a wife and a small daughter (maybe about 3 years old).

Soap…too pretty to be used!

His mom is the one who started the soap business, and he’s the one who runs it for the most part now. We found out that our Branch President actually already has met his mom, and 黃先生 (Mr. Yellow) already kind of knew him as well, which was pretty cool!

Photo credits – Elder Robbins


On the right path…to the beach!






Today we had a branch activity of going to 三仙台 (Sān xiantái), which is over on the coast. This is my second time going there, but it was still pretty fun. Tomorrow we also have a stake exercise activity which will be held here in 玉里 (Yùlǐ), right by our house. There will be people from 花蓮 (Huālián) and 台東 (Táidōng) who will come attend, so there should be a lot of people!

I’m ready!


Not in the water…it’s cool!


In case President is near….my disguise!

Mark – he’s a jewel!

Even today, I already saw someone I knew from 花蓮 (Huālián), Mark! He works for the government in the mining department. He gets to go into the mines several times a week and survey them. A cool perk of his job is that he gets to see a lot of the precious gemstones that come out of the mines here. (Uh, don’t forget your mom….I’d love, I mean she’d love to see them as well – perhaps mounted in a nice jewelry set!)

I’m ready for the cold spell!

Recently it has been getting colder and raining more. Supposedly this week up in Taipei, it may get all the way down to 7 degrees celsius, which is really cold for here in Taiwan! We’re going to try to keep warm!

– Elder Austin Simonson

(Perhaps Elder Simonson won’t send his photos late next time…but if he does, as you can see, I’ll make do with what I already have! lol)

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