Upcoming Baptism

Baptism? I’m ready!

Yay! This upcoming week we have a baptism! Actually the sisters will be having a baptism too, so it’s a double baptism this upcoming Saturday! It’s going to be awesome! Jim is super cool and his English is really good. He hopes to be able to go to America to study for his masters degree…he’s lived in Canada before, but it was only for a short period of time.

So as not to disappoint, here are photos of a baptism. (Elder Simonson seems to be a slow learner when it comes to sending enough photos…)

Washington DC? You’ll have many to teach…maybe you can help us “drain the swamp”

We’ve got two members in our ward that are leaving on missions shortly. One of them (that I took a picture with this week) is leaving tomorrow and will be going to Washington, DC, to serve a mission! The other one leaves next week and will be going to Irvine, California!

Two of our cutest ward members…and me!

This week was about the same as usual. It’s been nice that we’ve been pretty busy with lessons so most of our time during the day is spent going from place to place meeting with people that we’ve scheduled appointments. We’re currently working with some great people that have really big potential, but it all comes down to the rate in which they’re willing to make and keep commitments (in addition to finding the time to meet with us).

Willy (investigator), Elder Simonson, and MingZhi (member of the Bishopric)

That’s one of the problems of being here in a big city; everyone is literally busy almost all of the time. That’s the most heard excuse that’s told to us – I don’t have time – and to be honest, it’s actually true for the most part. I’m sure that if they really wanted to, they could find the time, but most people are actually legitimately very busy. And when they’re not busy, they’re tired and want to rest, therefore, not super excited about the thought of spending the time to meet with us…even if they already like us.

Cake? Right on target!

On another note, I got a cake in the mail this week. It was pretty exciting. This is why I love Taiwan’s shipping services. You can ship a cake, frozen, in the mail (it’s kept frozen in the delivery truck) and it will get anywhere in Taiwan in one day (or even same day, if it’s close enough) without costing an arm and a leg. Actually, it’s quite cheap. Yay Taiwan!


– Elder Austin Simonson


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