You really should be sure to send more photos…know what I mean, Vern?!!!

This last week we didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary! As such, I apparently didn’t take many photos. I thought I did, but then I get here to the computer, look, and find out that I actually didn’t. Oops.

We love the members!


At least I took some photos of food, though! We had a chance to go out to dinner with one of the awesome members in our ward named Paul! He’s super nice and took us to this Tepanyaki place, which has really good (and expensive) steak. We really enjoy meeting with him; he’s an awesome member!

Food, glorious food!

Wednesday English class went well, as usual. I really enjoy English class, therefore I usually attempt to try hard to teach well. I guess something works, because in my intermediate class, I have about 20 people that come each week…and they like to bring me lots of fruit and other food each time! Hopefully this is a sign that they think it’s a good class!

Pre-mission trip. I see the resemblance…

On Saturday, we spent an hour handing out tracts for our free English class. While doing this, we ended up talking with an older man for a few minutes. His last name was one that I’ve actually never seen or heard before (翟). He wrote it down for us and asked if we recognize Chinese characters. We said, only a bit, and he was like, you’ll never guess what this character is. He added a few more parts to the character he wrote for his name and asked us if we knew what it was (耀). My companion said he didn’t know, but I actually knew what it was, so I said it. Apparently this scared him that I guessed correctly, because he literally jumped when I said it!

Today we’re heading to a place that I’ve been to several times before – Jiu Fen 九份. It’s pretty fun and I like it, so it should be pretty awesome! I always enjoy going there.

– Elder Austin Simonson


(Maybe just one more….for good measure! Elder Simonson should be counting his blessings….so many more baby pictures to choose from! lol)

That’s why you have a mom…to keep you from getting too cocky, Elder Simonson. You’re welcome.

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