No cutting….line forms at the rear!

Last Monday we had the chance to go the Taipei Zoo! It’s actually the first time I’ve been there. I’ve been to things that are around it before, but I’ve never actually gone to the zoo.

Can’t avoid the panda-monium at the zoo!


Unfortunately, it was a rainy day  – actually that’s an understatement…it was pouring. On the bright side, there weren’t many people there at all, so at least that wasn’t a problem. We saw everything from pandas to hippos to lions! Plus, the monkeys posed in the photo with me, so it all went well!


Gettin’ “trunky” at the Taipei Zoo

He’s wearing a tie…he must be the new branch manager.

Experiencing the wildlife on Pday

Last district meeting before transfers

Thursday was our transfer day… neither of us ended up moving! We’ll both be here for another 6 weeks. I’m guessing that after this I’ll probably move, since I’ll have been here for 3 transfers (18 weeks) and after this transfer ends, I’ll only have 3 more transfers left here in Taiwan (another 18 weeks). I’m hoping that I’ll only have to move one more time…did I mention that I don’t like moving?!

Sister Su tried so hard to avoid it, but Elder Simonson still was able to photobomb!

We also had one of the missionaries in my district finish her mission – Sister Li. She’s from Taiwan, so when she went home on Saturday, she only had to travel back down to the southern part of Taiwan. It’s sad though, since she was super fun to have with us – plus obviously she speaks fluent Chinese, so that’s always nice. It was also fun to try to make her speak English, which she always refused to do despite having studied at BYU Hawaii before and having super good English. Anyways, she’s back at home now reviewing the over 5000 notifications she has on her iPhone.


Sister Sheng (生姐妹), Amy, Elders Simonson and Jorgensen

I told you that I would get pictures from the Family Home Evening we went to last week with the single adults, so here they are. It was really fun playing games with all of the YSA…and activities are always great opportunities to invite friends too! 😉 Every member a missionary, ya know!


Elder Simonson, 楊士誠 (our investigator), Elder Jorgensen, and Doris

– Elder Austin Simonson


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