Bowling and Intestines

Happy Easter!
(Some bunny didn’t send enough photos this week…I got this! Bwuahahaha!)

Last Monday we had the chance to go bowling with some other missionaries and members!

Game on!

This was my second time to go bowling here in Taiwan – it’s pretty fun. First we went to this semi expensive (compared to other food in Taiwan) restaurant to eat burgers and then took the MRT over to the bowling alley. We rented shoes and played two games there before going back home. After not bowling for a long time, it’s a bit harder to always get a strike! 😂

Good food, good family!

This last week we had the opportunity to visit a family (張家庭) and eat dinner with them! The daughter actually is a returned missionary! They were really nice to us and fed us lots of good food. We’re also working with her dad to teach him the gospel. He agreed to go with us on a temple tour this upcoming Saturday…yay!

Our new friends, Max and Cherry

We also visited this super nice family and ate dinner with them! The wife’s name is Cherry and the husband’s name is Max. They have a young daughter named Astrid. I met the wife in the park one day and started talking to her. I told her that we had English class and she was willing to take an English class tract from me. She said that her husband really likes English and has been to the US before for work. I started texting her and she was super nice and said how they were really happy to meet us. Since she’s actually from China, she always texts in Simplified Chinese (we use Traditional Chinese here in Taiwan) – good thing I’ve already learned a lot of Simplified Chinese, so I was pretty much able to read everything she sent! Also, while we were at their house, I tried eating intestine soup for the first time. It surprisingly wasn’t that bad! I would actually eat it again.

Being a missionary in a foreign country is a ‘gutsy’ move…

Today we’re able to go to the temple! I actually haven’t gone to the temple for about six months; since I used to live in a location really far from here in Taipei, we weren’t allowed to go attend any temple sessions. At least I was able to find my temple recommend this morning – granted, it did take like 10 minutes to find it…

Best pet ever – and doesn’t break mission rules!

沈家銘 and 張昀熙 (Mr. Miracle and Huhu) who are investigators in Yuli, sent me a gift; a little ceramic hedgehog. Huhu saw it at a store they were at and bought it for me since she remembered I have a hedgehog. They were up here in Taipei and were going to give it to me in person, but then our schedules didn’t work out, so they mailed it to me instead. Don’t tell Violet, but I think this may be my new favorite pet; never have to feed it and no cage cleaning duties…

I want to be a missionary now….I don’t want to wait until I’m grown….

Since it’s been about a week and a half since last P-day, next P-day is only in five days! We still don’t know what we’re going to do then, but at least we figured out today’s schedule! It’s a start. We’re going to a place called an escape room. What you do is you go inside with a group and then you have to solve all these riddles and find clues to be able to get out. It’s my first time doing it, but I’ve heard it’s really fun!

– Elder Austin Simonson

(Check back next week to see if Elder Simonson has learned to send more pictures to his mom….lol)

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