P-Day is Already Here

Elder Robbins had some visitors before he left for home. RWH Elder Robbins – we’ll miss ya!

Yay – only 5 days since our last P-day because we went to the temple! Within this last little bit of time, we’ve gone to an escape room, had family home evening in a member’s house with some investigators, visited some other cool members, went to the temple, and had English class!

Elders Diener, Simonson, Cooper, and Holderness

Last Wednesday we first went to the temple…the first time I’ve been there in almost six months! I was able to take one of my family names there to do work for them, and that’s always fun to do! Plus, every time I go there, I end up seeing someone who was from one of the previous areas that I’ve lived in. So many blessings come from temple attendance…



No one can resist puppies, and cute eight year olds ready for baptism!

English class was also fun as usual…after class a bunch of people were looking at my driver’s license, Taiwan residence card, credit cards, and my photo album! Once you start having good, casual conversations with people, it’s super easy to start talking about church stuff – especially since the back part of my photo album has a picture of my baptism…

A “classy” group, don’t you think?


After we finished everything at the temple, our district decided to go to a place called an escape room. You’re put in a room(s), and you have to find all the clues inside to figure out how to achieve the goal that you’ve been given. There’s lots of these places here in Taipei – they’re all pretty fun. This was the first time I’ve been to one, though, so it was a new, fun experience.

Beautiful (Wu) family!


This week we also had the chance to visit the 吳家庭 (Wu Family)! They speak pretty much perfect English and have a baby boy. They’re super fun! We went over to their house and ate pasta, salad, banana milkshakes, chocolate cake, and Pizza Hut pizza!

Nothing draws a family closer than good quality time together!


Yesterday night, we had the opportunity to go to a member’s house (陳家庭) and hold a Family Home Evening with them and another family (張家庭). The Zhang Family has two kids – the older one has already been baptized but the younger one, Michael, is still an investigator. In addition, the parents aren’t members, so it was a great chance to share a little bit about church with them and get on the path to helping them agree to their son’s baptism. We hope that Michael can get baptized pretty soon! The Chen family is really cool though! The dad is our ward mission leader; their youngest son is getting baptized this Saturday!

FHE – Banqiao Edition

The weather here is still pretty confusing…some days it’s colder and rainy, some days it’s warm and humid, and some days it’s warm and rainy!! Ugh!

– Elder Austin Simonson

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  1. Nice week! Looks as if you had a productive time. Lots of nice pictures and nice families. Keep up the good work.

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