See, that camping merit badge came in handy! Two thumbs up from the Eagle Scout!

For English class this week, we taught them about cooking and camping.

The spirit of God like a fire is burning…

When we shared a spiritual thought, I lit a $1000 NTD bill on fire to demonstrate a principle about the Holy Ghost…I’ve found out that English class students are actually interested in the spiritual shares if I make it super exciting. I think it actually worked well since there were a couple people who actively came up to us after class and wanted to talk more about church and us missionaries!

Wait! Maybe it was just a marshmallow…

In addition, we took a BBQ and put it in the parking lot at the church and then proceeded to make hot dogs and roast marshmallows! Taiwanese people are so amazed at being able to roast marshmallows~~

Psst! Hot dogs really aren’t canine meat!


Leave to Elder Simonson to make everybody “board”…

On Saturday, we had a board game activity! We brought lots of board games to the chapel and invited people to come and play.  We also made Winter Melon Tea (Winter Melon Tea is very popular in Taiwan – In China, it is believed to help you deal with high temperatures. It’s also known as “slim tea”, due to it’s natural diuretic effects.) and some other people brought pizza and soda. Everyone who came had fun (well, at least that was the hope!).

That same day, we also had one of the members in the area teach us Chinese during our language study time. She just took a class on how to teach foreigners Chinese, so we figured it would be a great opportunity for us to learn Chinese, and her to practice teaching foreigners! It went super well and we had fun! #winning

Henry took and sent some of the pictures this week – thanks! Today we’re going hiking somewhere pretty far away…but it’s going to be like 38 degrees Celsius, so that’s not very fun. I’m prepared to melt…

– Elder Austin Simonson


2 thoughts on “Fire

  1. Austin is getting close to coming home isn’t he. I am sure that you, Teresa, are busy getting him signed up and ready for school when he comes home, since there is no way he can take the time and effort to do so himself while on his mission. That is every parents responsibility to do the registration the first semester when their child comes home from their mission – as well as housing. We have a grandson coming home in December, from Ghana in North Africa, and is going to BYU Idaho and, as usual, his parents are signing up their fifth child to start school after coming home from their mission. Then it is the child’s responsibility.

    Guess what? I am flying to Paraguay to visit my son Michael and his wife who are mission president there in Asuncion. It is a looooong flight but my grandson and his wife will be with me to lead and guide me along the way. It will be fun when I get there but I am not looking forward to the trip there and back.

    I have really enjoyed Austin’s letters. Where is he going to school when he returns? Take care and thanks for forwarding his letters. Much love, Aunt Gloria

    • Hey Auntie of Mine!

      Yes, his end date is approaching (71 more days, but who’s counting, right?)! Actually that’s the countdown for when I will go to get him…he’ll have a few more days left when I get there.

      Austin has taken care of most of his school stuff – I will be going to conference, so when I’m there, I’m going to go to Provo and see about any loose ends that need to be tied up so it’s all taken care of and the 3 weeks I’ll have with him home before he leaves me again :'( won’t be filled with a rush to get ready.

      I’m sure ready to hug that kid and smooch his handsome face, but not so sure I’m ready to give up the status of “Missionary Mom”…bittersweet time, for sure!

      That’s so exciting that you’re going to Paraguay! Send my love to Michael and tell him how proud we are of him and his service (and his wife as well)! And I second the feelings about the travel to and from our destinations…but the time there with loved ones will be sooooo worth it!

      Love you bunches…take care!

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