It’s Getting Colder

What’s that smell, bro…..modosis!!! Seriously, Elder, no more sandals….

Wow, it’s been getting pretty cold recently! I guess it’s probably because I’ve gotten used to the warmer temperatures here in Taiwan. Back at home, I probably wouldn’t think this is TOO cold, but I guess I’m turning Taiwanese. Some days it’s gotten all the way down to about 13 degrees Celsius, plus a bit of a wind chill! We’ve been wearing layers and layers of clothes to keep warm when we’re outside at night time.

Must have been the smell…deprived his brain of oxygen. Just act normal….

A penny saved is a penny earned….towards the next BOGO Cold Stone Ice Cream!

There actually has not been that much that has gone on this week above the usual things that happen. We had exchange on Friday with our zone leaders. We had to take the train all the way down to Taidong (台東) to get to their area (about an hour away by train). Fortunately, Taidong has a Coldstone – therefore we got ice cream!! It’s perfect since one of the rewards cards I have lets us get ‘buy one get one free’ ice cream at Coldstone! (If Taiwan has a rewards program for something, I almost certainly have it…Taiwanese people are always surprised that I have them.)

Just a slice of heaven here in Taiwan…

You can be our guide in Taiwan; let us be your guide to life!


We also were able to meet with one of our investigators, Peter, this week. Peter is super cool and hopefully will be baptized at the beginning of next month. In the future, he hopes to be a tour guide, so he really wants to practice his English. He’s an awesome guy and we’re excited to keep working with him.

Can’t wait to see President’s reaction to our newest idea for spreading the gospel…the checkout stands at Family Mart!

Feast fit for a king….or two hungry missionaries!

Sunday (last night), the 唐家庭 (Tang Family) invited us over to dinner since Chinese New Year is coming up, but they’ll be out of town at that time and won’t be able to feed us then. It was a super great meal!! 唐弟兄 (Brother Tang) is actually our new Branch President (分會會長). It was a great opportunity to get to know them better.

Look beyond what you see…

Things aren’t always clear to me….

End of the day, dog-tired!

Anyway, I’ve got to go move around so I don’t turn into an ice cube from being in the cold and not moving for too long! Chinese New Year starts on January 27th, so happy new year everyone!

– Elder Austin Simonson

Hmmmmm…..maybe you should hold that thought…

In addition to the gospel and English, Elder Simonson teaches the heimlich maneuver.











(It appears that Elder Simonson must be practicing his modeling skills….just in case President, bless his heart, decides to place him on the next Pass-Along in recognition of and appreciation for all his work behind the scenes on the Free English Class video. Ah, the blessings that come to the parent of a missionary….we can torment from afar! BWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)








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