Yummy Yummy Food

Me and some of my favorite ‘peacemakers’, 唐璦 and 唐恩, our Branch President’s girls

This last week was pretty fun! We ate lots more food because of the Chinese New year, visited a farm that has lots of cows, had interviews with President Jergensen, ate lunch with him and his family, and had a visit from one of the members from TianMu that I know! Continue reading

It’s Getting Colder

What’s that smell, bro…..modosis!!! Seriously, Elder, no more sandals….

Wow, it’s been getting pretty cold recently! I guess it’s probably because I’ve gotten used to the warmer temperatures here in Taiwan. Back at home, I probably wouldn’t think this is TOO cold, but I guess I’m turning Taiwanese. Some days it’s gotten all the way down to about 13 degrees Celsius, plus a bit of a wind chill! We’ve been wearing layers and layers of clothes to keep warm when we’re outside at night time. Continue reading