Nothing Much

Must be where Elder Simonson gets that Mutant Mass Protein Powder!

Nothing super special happened this week.

We were fortunate enough, though, to be able to eat dinner at a member’s house almost every night this week! Unfortunately, most of the pictures from those things were taken by the members, since they wanted pictures with us – I don’t have those photos yet. Next week!

Clearly a slow news week…

Our ward here has only had two baptisms this year…there’s still four more months until the end of the year though!  This upcoming Saturday, one of the sisters’ investigators is getting baptized in our ward, which they’re excited about! We hope to have some baptisms this upcoming month as well. We’ve also had the chance to meet some cool people recently, who are interested in hearing more about the message we’re sharing. I’ve also started telling people that this is probably going to be my last area in Taiwan…and that I want it to be the best one (and I need their help to do it)!

Today we’re going to see a baseball game that’s part of the Universiade 2017. It’s like the Olympics, but for college sports. It’s hosted here in Taiwan this year. Hopefully it’s going to be really fun! I’ve never really watched any sports games here in Taiwan before.

Thanks Hellen! Wouldn’t have a pic of our Elder this week without you!

That’s about all for this week! Next week will bring more pictures! 加油!

– Elder Austin Simonson


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