Baseball Games, a Baptism, and Some Taxis

Take me out to the ball game…

Last week were we able to attend one of the games of the Universiade – it’s basically the Olympics, but for college sports. This year it was held here in Taiwan!

It’s a sign…

We attended a baseball game that was Mexico against France. In the end, France turned out to be better and won (I think it was like 12 to 5)!

This week we were able to go to a farm! The last time I went to a farm was when I lived in the south-eastern part of Taiwan in Yuli! We took a taxi for like 20 or 30 minutes to get to this guy’s farm so that we could meet with him and get to know him better. We also had a couple members who came with us, but they took a motor scooter instead. The taxi was so much more convenient than having to bike all the way there; if we had biked, we would have had to bike up some pretty big hills and it would have taken us at least 45 minutes each way!

Hey! What’d you do with Elder Balmforth?

Two missionaries who are outstanding in their field! lol

If you can’t feed your missionary, feed the ones you’re with! We love the Xies!


The Xie family took us to a nice restaurant this week to eat! Their daughter is currently in England on her mission. They’re super fun to be with.

Stay back! It’s a toddler!





One of the sister missionaries’ investigators who lives in our ward boundaries was baptized this week! After the baptismal service, I used my Taiwanese super powers to throw Brother Xie across the room. Later this month we’ll be eating with them again – super exciting! 🙃

Whew! Brother Xie’s all right! Elder Simonson doesn’t know his own strength!


We also ate again with the Cao family this week. They took us to this all-you-can-eat hot pot place! Super delicious! Everyone here likes hot pot a lot – another member, Brother Feng, also took us a to a hot pot restaurant this last week.

Sharing the gospel, and sharing cultures!






Sunday night we ate with the Wang family as we usually do. We gave them some chicken pot pies that we made – Brother Wang rated it 5.5 out of 5 stars!

Yesterday, I got to see my “Taiwanese brother”, Jack. He is a fairly RC, and has embraced the gospel. He’s already been through the temple and is preparing to go on a mission! He’s awesome!

What could be better? A letter written home to mom with a kebab pen, that’s what! lol


I also received a small gift from a friend this week – a kebab pen! What could be better than a kebab pen?! 😁

– Elder Austin Simonson





One thought on “Baseball Games, a Baptism, and Some Taxis

  1. Hey Elder Austin,
    Another great “epistle”… So, what do they eat at baseball games, if not Cracker Jacks? Deep fried chicken feet? That was our son’s favorite snack while serving in Hong Kong!

    Sister Jackie say’s to say “HI”… 😉
    And, of course: Keep on keeping on!

    Elder Smokey & Co.

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