Probably one of my Last Emails at the MTC!

Ticket to paradise

Ticket to paradise

We finally received our travel plans in our mailbox last Friday! I’ll be leaving the MTC next Tuesday at 3:35am. I have a flight at 8:55am from Salt Lake City, UT, to San Francisco, CA. After a couple hours layover in SF, I fly straight from there to Taiwan Taipei, arriving there at 6:25pm on Wednesday.

On Sunday, Janice Kapp Perry spoke to us at our devotional. She has composed quite a few church songs in both the regular hymnbook and the children’s songbook. She had us sing some of the songs she’d written for the children’s songbook – everyone really enjoyed that.

Wednesday was our last official P-Day although it ended up being pretty busy because of the Worldwide Missionary Conference. They said it’s the first time in over ten years that they’ve had a broadcast for missionaries all over the world. We heard from several of the apostles during it – their focus for the broadcast was “Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts”.


Last (Provo) temple walk

Yesterday was our last Sunday here at the MTC. The MTC President and his wife ended up unexpectedly coming to our sacrament meeting; it happened to be the day when all of us that are leaving this week were going to sing a special musical number – the “EFY Medley”. It was also our last temple walk…on Sundays we usually go for a walk to the temple as a zone for about an hour. In addition, because we had the departure devotional, we missed out on going to choir practice – but it’s alright…we took a picture with the director, Brother Eggett, right before the main devotional anyways!

We'll sing his praises!

Brother Eggett…we all sing his praises!

Elder Cajilig and I are finishing packing today since we’ll both be taking the bus and Utah TRAX to the airport tomorrow morning at 3:35am. Elder Nicol left this morning for the airport at 3:35am as well to go to Los Angeles. In approximately 19-20 hours, we’ll be on a bus to the TRAX station and then off to the airport to leave Utah!

– Elder Austin Simonson

On our best behavior...with the Branch President and his wife.

On our best behavior…with the Branch President and his wife.

Say, “Cheese”!

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