The Countdown Begins Until We Leave



As I mentioned last week, we just received four new sisters and four new elders into our zone. That brings the total number of us up to seven elders and six sisters! However, we do receive three new sisters today and one new elder, but they are all fast-track so they’ll only be here at the MTC for two weeks.

Things are looking up…

Elders Shu, Calig, and Simonson

Elders Shu, Cajilig, and Simonson

On Sunday, we had a general priesthood meeting with all of the elders instead of just having it in our individual branches. Elder Nielson (from the Quorum of the Seventy if I’m not mistaken) gave the lesson for us there. In Sacrament meeting, Elder Cajilig and I were chosen randomly (that’s how it is every week) to give a talk in Chinese. We aren’t told we’re giving a talk until right before we give it in Sacrament meeting, so we always have to prepare a talk each week. Since Elder Shu (the solo missionary from the fast-track district…his companion left the week before) was leaving the next day, Elder Cajilig and I stayed up until about 12:30am Sunday night (Monday morning) to help him make sure he was completely ready to go. He had to leave for the travel office at 3:30am Monday morning so they’d have time to take him to the airport for this 7:30am flight to Toronto Canada.

I'm going to the temple...

I’m going to the temple…

Last Wednesday, we did initiatories at the temple and I was able to do three of my family names which was nice, plus I did two of the ones that were at the temple. As I was doing them though, another temple worker came in and asked if I would do one of their family’s names for his wife, so I ended up doing a total of six that day. This week we did endowments and I finished doing the work for one of the names since I had already done the baptism and confirmation for him during Youth Conference last year. I gave some of the female names to the sisters in the other district to do the initiatories for me this week.

What's your sign?

What’s your sign?

Since they’re currently having the new mission president training (I think they have it like every 6 months if I’m not mistaken) and it’s here at the MTC, about half of the main building is blocked/curtained off because of General Authorities being here. For the Tuesday Evening Devotional, Elder Andersen, since he was already here, spoke to us. As usual, we sang in the choir – this time we sang “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer”.
– Elder Austin Simonson

Photo bombed by the Savior

Photo bombed by the Savior

Seriously Elders...

Seriously Elders…

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