Rainbows of Mold

The birthday boy had dinner with Superman and a bunch of “Super Heroes”

Last Monday was the Ward Mission Leader of the other ward in our area’s birthday. We ended up eating with him as well as four other companionships in a restaurant near downtown Taipei called YumYum Deli.

Let them eat cake!

Let them eat cake!

Afterwards, we went down to the chapel by the temple to sing happy birthday to him and eat his cake!​
On Wednesday, we had another good class teaching the kids English. We’ve gotten to a point where it isn’t that hard to teach them anymore; they actually listen to our instructions a lot more now.

Gettin’ down…to their level.

Barbeque at Zhuwei Harbor

This last Saturday, we had a ward barbecue. They actually had it in a fairly nice spot by a harbor. (The header photo was taken at the barbeque out towards the harbor.) It went all the way from 10am to 2pm with lots of food – which is great for us missionaries. Plus, the members like to give us extra food to take home sometimes, which is even better! We had several of our investigators come and bring their friends/family. We also had an entire less active family that came as well, which was great.


“To inspire and nurture the human spirit–one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”

That same evening we met with one of our investigators at Starbucks. I tried the Strawberry Frappuccino which was buy one get one free (so my companion and I could both have one!); it was super good! Starbucks actually has several drinks that we can have that have no coffee in them. We’re also allowed to drink any tea as long as it wasn’t made from a tea leaf – but anything like herbal teas, fruit teas, etc., are allowed.

Brother of Jared asks for the mold to be removed…


Now, about this letter’s subject. Our apartment isn’t exactly the nicest one. It’s also not the cleanest one. There’s been some mold in our apartment since before I got here to Taiwan, however, we just went through days of warmer, rainy weather, which, when combined with our apartment’s lack of vents and dehumidifiers, made everything mold.


A bunch of ‘fun-guys’ sharing the same room

Our entire bedroom wall is covered in black mold, as well as parts of our pillows and mattresses. We’ve got white mold, red mold, black mold, and probably others as well. We’ve been sleeping on the floor for the past couple days. All of our clothes and luggage started to mold as well. My companion lost an entire suit because it completely molded in just a couple days. The mission office told us to call our landlord – he’s supposed to come by today to check it out. The mission office may have to find somewhere else for us to live in this area. Anyways, I’m sure it will all work out!

– Elder Austin Simonson


If you just eat all your vegetables, Elder Simonson, you’ll grow tall too!

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