Still Sleeping on the Floor + New Project!

Ward Family Home Evening…went EGG-xactly as planned!

It’s been a pretty awesome week this week! My companion was chosen as our district’s new English unit leader – which means he’s in charge of our district’s weekly English class that we provide.

We’ve actually been thinking for a while about how to make English class even better. All the missionaries in Taiwan teach this free English class each week, but we want to get even more people to come to it. For the last while, we’ve been brainstorming ideas, but never really came to any conclusion since we weren’t in a position to do anything anyway. With him being called as English unit leader, we started to think about how some of these ideas could actually work. Our top idea was making some commercials for English class that could be used online on social media and the English class website.

We were so into it that we called our mission president’s wife that night to talk about our idea; she liked it and told us that President would call us in a bit. After explaining it to him on the phone, as well as later in a meeting in person, he’s on-board for us to start filming and editing videos for the class! They were already looking into advertising in taxis and video billboards anyway. We’ve even checked into playing it at all the MRT stations in the Taipei section of Taiwan – a 20 second video clip actually isn’t that expensive, given that it plays at over 120 stations all throughout the day!

Presenting the new up and coming Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger - Take 2

Presenting the new up and coming Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger – Take 2

We’re meeting with President again today to discuss our finalized plans for the first video we’re making and to find out when we’ll start filming and editing. It worked out pretty perfectly since I already have with me my GoPro and equipment to film in up to 4K resolution, the office has a really nice Canon camera, and they also know someone who has equipment, such as quadcopters, that we can use for filming clips as well.

Anyway, we’re still on the floor. Our landlord repainted the wall that had the most mold on it. They didn’t really understand that you can’t just repaint over mold and that makes it okay. We’ve got the office elders working on getting us a new place though. We should be in a new apartment within a week or two, hopefully.

We had a ward FHE activity this last Saturday. Since it’s Easter time, we made it Easter themed with an Easter egg clue hunt and Easter egg dying!

Happy Easter everyone!

– Elder Austin Simonson

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