Still No Luggage :'(

Animal House, Mission Edition!

My two pieces of luggage still haven’t arrived yet from my old area. Actually they haven’t even been picked up yet! I’ve been living with the limited amount of clothing that I brought with me. Hopefully the shipping company will go over there and pick it up soon! I’d like to be able to actually have all of my stuff, as well as have the option to choose between more than two pairs of pants to put on the morning.

Elder Tan is one party animal!

On the bright side, we finally got a new belt for our dryer. The dryer was broken before I got here to ZhongHe; it just needed a new belt. However, the office kept not sending the belt…when I got here, I went through about a week of having to air dry everything while constantly calling the office, until they bought new belts and shipped them to us. But now we’ve finally received it and installed it in the dryer, so my clothes can finally be dry! Yay!

It's official...I can afford to get sick!

It’s official…I can afford to get sick!

I also finally got my health card after having waited about 7 months for it! Now I can take advantage of the super cheap prices for any medical appointment. It actually worked out perfectly since I just got sick a few days ago and now I’ve got my health card! In the past, I could have gone into a doctor, but the price would have been more expensive since I didn’t have an insurance card.

Killin' it on the phone...

Killin’ it on the phone…

This week I decided to call through a list of a bunch of the former investigators from a long time ago, as well as some English class registration forms of people from like 5 years ago. It worked out super well! In just 2 days, I set up over 10 people to meet, including a couple families. Over the weekend we met with two of them, who ended up being awesome!



One of them was a former and had been to church before; he meets with the missionaries on and off, but he said that whenever he had hard times in life, the missionaries always contacted him.  We set a baptismal goal with him of the 24th of this month, which is super fast! We also set up 3 appointments each week with him for the next couple weeks…plus he’ll come to church!

Timo is leaving for England in two weeks for school! He’s super awesome. I was able to see him again last night at the monthly fireside we have in Taipei; he brought a gift – this seat thing for my bike so it’s not so hot after being out in the sun! I’m hoping he’ll have time between now and when he leaves that we’ll be able to go with him to the temple here in Taipei.
                                                                                                                                                Everyone wish me luck that my luggage comes this week!


– Elder Austin Simonson


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