Yay Still No Luggage

Too much time on their hands...or keeping Elder Tan on his toes?

Too much time on their hands…or keeping Elder Tan on his toes?

So apparently the moving company still hasn’t picked up my luggage from my old area of TianMu. I’m hoping to actually get my stuff before this transfer is over! Haha! Once they pick it up, it only takes about a day for them to bring it over to where I live now, since it’s pretty close. I’ve been having to wash my clothes every few days since I didn’t bring all my clothes with me – a lot of them are in the suitcases that are still in TianMu. To add to that, our washing machine broke today, so we’re pretty much out of luck.

During this last week, I’ve enforced cleaning procedures to make our apartment actually livable. I went through and found all the items we’re supposed to have in our apartment that we don’t have, and then we went and bought them. In addition, we’ve been trying to clean everything little by little, so our apartment doesn’t always look like a typhoon hit it!

Board again?

Board again?

Last week on Pday, we went over to this board game place and played Monopoly for a couple hours, which was pretty fun. I haven’t played Monopoly in well over a year. Today, we actually haven’t really decided yet what we’re going to do. We may go over to the bowling alley that’s pretty close to our house to play for a bit.

For language study, I’ve been working to memorize at least 60 words each day. It goes pretty fast when I use the flashcards that we have. I also have to dedicate time to reviewing everything that I’ve already memorized, so that I don’t forget it after a few days. In addition, since one of the elders in my apartment is part Korean, but he doesn’t speak Korean at all, he wants to learn. I’m probably going to jump in and learn it too, since they have an alphabet which you can learn pretty easily.

Timo, my investigator who got baptized a couple weeks ago, is leaving for England next Sunday! He’ll be there for a year for his Master’s degree. I expect his English to be even better by the time he comes back. The cool thing is that when he gets back, I’ll still be here in Taiwan, so I’ll be able to see him. We also have an awesome investigator right now named 李念襌. He’s the one who has been meeting with missionaries on and off for several years. We’ve got his baptismal date set for September 24th at the moment! He came to church yesterday for all three hours and we’ll be meeting with him again this week several times. Spending time calling lots of former investigators and people who came to English class many years ago has turned out to be super efficient – I’ve already gotten several awesome people who are meeting with us now from it (and effective)!

I hear there’s a typhoon coming this week for Taiwan…I’m excited! Typhoon’s are super fun. I don’t know yet how strong it is; I think it will be over Taiwan in two days. Last typhoon that hit Taiwan didn’t really hit the Taipei area, so I missed out on the excitement. Hopefully this one will be more exciting…but not too exciting. 😉

– Elder Austin Simonson

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