Temple Day ~~~

Just call us the “Butter Companionship” cuz we’re on a roll!

On Saturday, we were able to help our friend, Jimmy, get baptized! This completed our streak of one baptism a week for the last two weeks. Unfortunately we don’t have any plans for anyone getting baptized this weekend – I guess this means no turkey (at least if we were bowling…). We are still working with a bunch of other cool people though, so we’re expecting to be making some good progress with our other friends during this upcoming month.

Our new friend with the duck meat restaurant

We found this nice duck meat restaurant on the street when we were biking one day in our area. It’s actually pretty cheap and the food is really good. We were talking with the guy who started the restaurant here several months ago – he’s super cool! We’re probably going to go there often so we can keep talking to him and also eat their food!

Jessica and Ruby


This last week we also met these two girls, named Jessica and Ruby. They’re super fun! Actually, we met Ruby on Saturday and then she came to church again on Sunday, which was really cool. Plus she’s planning to come to church again next week with with her older sister. Jessica is also our hookup for free dental work, since she works at a dentist’s office and all of her friends get dental work done for free there ~~

Another bunch of “turkeys” on pday

Last week we went bowling with some other missionaries, which was pretty fun! It’s fairly cheap here in Taiwan; for two games + shoe rental, it only comes out to like $4 USD or so. This week we have temple day, so that’s why our P-day got moved to today instead of being on the normal day of Monday.

Planting seeds of faith everywhere I go.

I also started growing a watermelon in a little glass jar for fun. It’s rate of growth has exceeded my expectations; it went from no signs of growth one night to like having a two inch sprout the next morning. Oops. I’ll probably go plant it somewhere in the planters that our apartment’s community has. haha

– Elder Austin Simonson


(Elder Simonson also included some pictures of Henry’s baptism in the US. Backstory -Henry came in contact with missionaries in Taiwan. He lives in the US and has duel citizenship. He promised us here that he would go to church in the US. Henry was a man of his word, and did attend church and met with missionaries in the US. He was taught all the lessons and had a baptismal date, but then came back to Taiwan for little over a month for an internship. He just went back to  the US and got baptized there. These are pictures from his baptism. He’s coming back to Taiwan this month and staying for a year, so I get to have my friend back! YAY!)

About to take the plunge!

Thumbs up…it’s a go!




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