Back to Back Baptisms

Saturday’s Warriors

Baptism this week! Our friend, 鍇銘, was baptized this last Saturday, and then confirmed a member of the Church on Sunday.

Welcome, 鍇銘!

What’s fun to note is that we’ve only met with him for about a month. He actually moved up here to live with some family members (who are members of our ward) so that he could attend high school here in 桃園. We also have another baptism coming up this next week; our other friend, Jimmy, is getting baptized this upcoming Saturday. We’re hoping that over the next month we’ll be having a couple more baptismal services as well, but it all depends on people keeping their commitments and when they feel prepared.

A lasting gift from eternal friends!

A few weeks ago, I got an awesome gift from some friends in 天母…a large name stamp! ~~~ It’s super cool for a couple of reasons – one, because it’s a jade stamp with my name on it that includes a box and a carrying bag. On the side of it, it also says the year I started my mission! 酷斃了!Another because of who gave it to me.


Tuesday and Wednesday I went on exchanges with the zone leaders. We had a lesson over Google Hangouts with one of their investigators, since he wasn’t in town. Lessons over video chat are harder because it’s more difficult to see clearly what reactions people have, but it’s still fun nonetheless!

One of the missionaries favorite “Hangouts”. It’s amazing the amount of missionary work that can be done online!

Elders Beus and Simonson with Olivia.

This last week, my companion had to go to a meeting in Taipei, so my temporary companion was Elder Beus – a missionary who just came to Taiwan like a week or so ago. We were able to meet with this lady, named Olivia, that I met on the street a couple weeks ago. She’s super nice! She’s married and has a couple young children as well. Her English is actually pretty good, but she wants to keep learning more. We shared with her the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon. She said that she would be willing to start reading it and praying everyday!

Enduring to the end…cheerfully!

Ask any missionary – true wealth comes from sharing all you have!

I’ve also never mentioned one of the nice amenities that is a part of the apartment we moved into like six or so weeks ago. My closet has a nice tie drawer in it. Apparently this is what rich people have? Anyways, it’s a nice touch – it makes us feel like we’re living the high life…until we look in our wallets! Recently though, it’s been pretty good – we’ve had a lot of members who have invited us over to dinner! Yum yum ~~

– Elder Austin Simonson


(More fun photos from my favorite “paparazzi”. Thanks, Jack!)






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