Transfers week!

Which one is least like the others….                                                                                                             District photo: (left to right) Elders Cooper and Holderness, Sisters Jiao 焦 and Li 黎, Elders Diener and Simonson

This week contained our inevitable 6-week transfer day. Fortunately though, my companion (Elder Diener) had already been here a long time so it was already pretty certain that he would be moving out and I would be staying here. In the end, that’s just what happened! I now have a new companion named Elder Jorgensen. He’s been here in Taiwan for about 8 months.

All you can eat + Missionaries = Bad Business Model!


Last Monday we went to an all you can eat barbecue place to celebrate Elder Holderness’ birthday! It costs about $18USD and you have two hours to eat as much meat, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, drink drinks, etc. There’s lots of places like this in Taiwan – it’s awesome!


Sister Jiao used my GoPro a lot as well so now there’s lots of pictures of all of us – yay!

Banqiao MRT station

Just hangin’

Reunited and it feels sooooo good!








Last night I got to go to the new member fireside that is put on the 1st Sunday of each month. Since I haven’t lived up here in Taipei for a while, I haven’t been to one in over 6 months. When I was there, I happened to see one of my friends who was my English class student in ZhongHe, William! Since I moved out of ZhongHe and down to Yuli very suddenly, everyone in my class was wondering where I was. Apparently William has been looking for me and decided to go to the fireside last night, which was perfect since I also had the chance to attend and it was there that I saw him!

Chillin at the fireside…


I also got to see Jack and Alexandra (she’s still waiting for her visa so she started her mission service here in Taiwan before going to the U.S.).

Hi Mom! It’s your boys…








It just so happens that my birthday this month (May 30th) is on Dragon Boat Festival and also marks my 6 month mark (how long I have left on my mission)! It’s getting closer……

So what’s coming up?

NOOOOO! Not “birthday” photos!!!








– Elder Austin Simonson

(Just a preview of what’s to come…)

The birth day of Elder Simonson

One thought on “Transfers week!

  1. You seem to be doing well and sharing the gospel with many. How I rejoice that you are doing it and that I don’t have to learn the language and make the trip. You do much better than I ever would. I do envy you the opportunity and look forward to the day when I too can be a missionary. I do my part here in New York, but having the chance to do the work full time is marvelous.

    I am glad to see your growth and maturity. (Not too mature, just about right.) Keep up the most excellent work and recall your wonderful experiences and look forward to a life of joy.

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