All You Can Eat Week!

We’re all “board” on P-day!

Last Monday for P-day we went and played some games at a board game shop that’s pretty close to our house. We stayed there and played for about 3 hours or so before going out to eat with one of the members in our ward at an All You Can Eat hot pot restaurant. It was really good and we were really full afterwards!

Restoration…it’s not just about the gospel.

However, before all of this, I happened to find this wooden, stove-like thingy that was in a trash pile on the side of the road. It looked cool, so I carried it for the rest of the day until we got home. Come to find out it’s probably a device that’s used to heat tea and also keep it warm. The power cord was cut, so I’m going to try to repair it as well as recondition the entire thing so that it looks nice again.

Language is different, but the questions are the same . . . Does God exist? . . . How can my family be more happy?

This week we decided we wanted to try having somewhat of a “free Book of Mormon” stand. We were trying to work out all of our companionship’s schedules, so finally one morning we found out that we could do it later that night – but we hadn’t prepared anything yet! So I ended up having to get poster paper and come up with a plan for the posters for everyone. I designed the poster and wrote everything out in pencil, and then my companion used the black marker on it to finish it up.

O I O I O – Plan of Salvation

I found out that you can actually give out lots of copies of the Book of Mormon to people on the street simply by first asking people if they’ve read it … and if they say no, offer to give them one. Afterwards, I’d try to get the contact info so that we can hopefully see them on another day to discuss it!

Newest member…welcome to our ward family!


On Saturday we attended our ward mission leader’s son’s baptism. He turned 8 this last week! His parents also asked us to teach him all of the lessons as if he was an investigator, so that was fun! However, our goal is still to help other people to get baptized too!! 😁

Doing our best to have more baptism photo shoots….

One of the missionaries in my district has a birthday this week so we’re celebrating today by going to an All You Can Eat barbecue restaurant! Fortunately today is also the day we get our money for the month, so that’s always a plus!
– Elder Austin Simonson

(Thanks for the pics, Jack!)

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