I Finally Received My Luggage! Yay!

Wash with Tide; Rinse with Typhoon Malakas

Wash with Tide; Rinse with Typhoon Malakas

It’s true, my luggage has finally arrived! It arrived this last Thursday, which was great since our washing machine was broken and Wednesday was the last day that I had clean clothes. On the bright side, it was also the same day that we got a new washing machine!

Translation- Missing Elder. If found, please return with honor after 2 years of service.

Translation- Missing Elder. If found, please return with honor after 2 years of service.

I’m always learning new things on my mission. For instance, I must note that I am amazed by the fact that milk from Costco lasts forever. Specifically, it lasts 70 days from when it is processed! (保存期限:70天)By the time you go buy it at Costco, it only has about 30 days left on it, but still, that’s a whole month that you can keep the milk in your fridge! Those are some well preserved cows Costco has contracted with! Normally, I’ll buy about 2 gallons of it which will last approximately 2 weeks. One of the other elders in the apartment (Elder Swank) and I purchased a huge container of chocolate protein powder to share, so every morning during breakfast, I’ll drink it in a glass of milk!

Ray (RuiCong) and the boys


When we were at KFC this last week eating with our friend RuiCong (aka Ray), Elder Swank and I walked by this group of middle school girls who kept looking at us (pretty much the usual when you’re a white person in Taiwan), so we stopped to talk to them. We ended up just being funny the entire time and giving them all English tracts before going to order and then eat our meal.

White hot!

White hot!

We were eating our food on the other side of the room when we saw they kept looking over at us, so finally after we finished eating, Elder Swank and I went back over and asked to take pictures with them (since that’s probably what they wanted but were too embarrassed to ask). They pretty much immediately said yes and jumped up. On another note, this day ended up setting a record for the most number of friend requests that I’ve received in one day…or more like one minute.

Board with the game...again!

Board with the game…again!

Also, last Monday we went and played board games again! Except this time it was with one of Elder Tan’s RCs, Summer. It was really fun – we played this game called 電子公司 (Electric Company). It took about 3 hours to play all the way through, but that was probably because this was our first time playing it.

But not with the company!

But not with the company!









Beef - it's what's for dinner! Or is it...

Beef – it’s what’s for dinner! Or is it…

Since 中秋節 (Mid-Autumn Festival) was this last week, we borrowed an electric barbecue from a member and barbecued at our house last night for a long time – it was really good! Although, I think all my clothes smell like barbecue now since we did all the cooking in Elder Crawford and my study room.


She was a favorite even BEFORE the mooncakes!


It was also super cool that this last week I got to see one of my favorite members (Donna) from 天母 in our chapel here! She was here with her mom making mooncakes since it’s Mid-Autumn Festival. They gave us some of the ones they were making – super good!

Unfortunately, these two typhoons this last week didn’t do much in 台北 – only a bit more rain than usual and some stronger winds occasionally. Maybe next time it’ll be more exciting! 😉



– Elder Austin Simonson


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