Lots and Lots of Barbecue

This week was really fun! We’ve not gone street contacting for about 7 weeks now, yet still have lots of success! In fact, we have a baptism this upcoming Saturday, and hopefully another one next Saturday as well!

Patience, Grasshopper. When you can snatch the frisbee, you will have learned.

On Saturday of this last week, we had a ward BBQ. Originally it was going to be in a nearby park, but because it started to rain a bit, they ended up moving it to the church parking lot. They started out with about 700 water balloons for the kids to play with. Fortunately, some very smart person invented a device that inflates like 60 balloons at a time with water and also ties them shut when they’re full. I’m impressed. Anyways, after the kids shot everyone else with water guns and threw hundreds of water balloons around, we started up some fires to barbecue. There were a bunch of people who came, and we had the chance to meet some of the friends and family members of some of our ward members!

Another fun thing – the workers at the massage chair stores in the malls here are usually pretty nice. They let us test out the massage chairs, and then ask questions about missionary work. It’s probably the most comfortable way to do missionary work that we’ve found yet. 10 out of 10, would highly recommend.

Next time, we’ll add LED lights to the flag…

Last Tuesday, we went out to the night market to talk to people about our English class. One of the resources we have that we sometimes will use is a flag that is an advertisement for English class. This time, my companion carried the flag around the night market and waved it around while I followed behind and talked to everyone who seemed to pay attention to us in any way…and gave them an English class tract. It went really well! We were able to meet a bunch of cool people and have actually already met with one of them outside of English class to share more about church.

Chocolate – universal word for heaven

This week I made some chocolate zucchini bread to take to members of our ward that had birthdays. Some seemed surprised when I gave it to them. Were they surprised because I had something for them for their birthday…or that I can bake? Hmmmmm – food for thought.

This upcoming week should be an interesting one. There’s a typhoon that’s expected to hit Taiwan this week. According to the weather reports, the heavy rain and strong winds should be arriving this Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll see what it turns out to be like. Here in Taoyuan, we aren’t influenced as much by weather conditions because of our western location in Taiwan, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

– Elder Austin Simonson


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