Fun Times

I got what I wanted!!!

This last week has been pretty fun! There’s actually this American couple who has been here in Yuli for the last two weeks and has been hanging out with us a lot. The husband, Travis, was a missionary here in Yuli about 10 years ago and has come back to try to find a lot of the people he met here during that time. We’ve gone with him and his wife, Navi, to try to find some of those people as well as to places that he used to go to a lot when he was a missionary here. Apparently this area hasn’t really changed at all in the last 10 years!



Brake lights...check!

Brake lights…check!







Another cool thing is that my new helmet arrived in the mail.  Merry Early Christmas – Thanks Mom and G&G! It’s actually one of the first ones that was ever manufactured since they just started making them. Anyways, it has lights on the front and back of it, as well as turn signals that will flash when I press the specific button on the wireless remote that is mounted on the handlebars of my bike. #safetyfirst

Turn signals...check!!!

Turn signals…check!!!

Card front

Card front


Finally, there’s this new program put out by the church called Light the World (光照世人). There’s a topic each day from December 1st to the 25th. They primarily focus on serving others in some way. I ended up making some pass along cards for every day of the event complete with a picture, a QR code, and the topic of the day. I don’t have a picture of all of them together at the moment but I’ll send them next week. I did send the first card (which is shown).

Card back

Card back

Everything is going pretty well! We’re sad the the Elys will be leaving here either today or tomorrow, but they said they’ll be back next March and probably will rent a house here in Yuli to stay for an extended period of time! Yay!

Taking the train to English class in Fuli…or coming back from a WunderBrow audition?

– Elder Austin Simonson

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