A Regular Week

Just another day in the life of Sparkles, the missionary!

This last week was pretty fun! I ended up giving a twenty minute talk in church – I’d say it was an accomplishment since I had the entire thing typed up in Chinese characters. I wanted to test myself, so I just used the characters and no Romanization (the use of the Latin alphabet to phonetically replace the Chinese characters). It actually wasn’t that difficult! I think it ended up being about 5 pages long.

Seriously? Their, there, and they’re are all pronounced the same way?

Actually, there hasn’t been that much out of the ordinary that has happened here this last week!

Homonym: (noun) English version of torture!






We have been teaching some middle school aged kids English (English class is every Thursday in Fuli) – our focus lately has been on common questions and answers (like how old are you, where are you from, etc), however,

We can’t translate that!


we did have to spend some time teaching them that the use of certain 4 letter words found on many of their articles of clothing, were inappropriate words to be using! That was a fun lesson! lol (Many people in Taiwan have clothing/apparel that has “English bombs” on them because it has no meaning to them.)


…the universal language of teens!

I know the answer is here somewhere!

Found it!

How long does adolescence last?

That long?!!!














Today we’re going over to the Sister’s apartment to help them move; they’re moving to the apartment on the floor below them. Missionaries live to serve!

Have a great week everyone!

– Elder Austin Simonson

(Big shout out to Zhang Ya Xuan for the following fun photos she sent…and the feature photo!)

How many missionaries does it take to change a light bulb?
3 – 1 to change it, 1 to take the selfie, and 1 to photobomb

I recall him saying there was a rodent problem…

This week’s photobomb award goes to …. Jordan! He’s keeping an eye on all of you!!!

Just a couple of wild and crazy guys by night!

Mild mannered and suave by day….




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