Merry Christmas! … And a Happy New Year!

A captive audience….

My English protege…


Wednesday we also had our English class in 玉里 (Yuli) as usual. My companion taught the adults who came and I worked with the kids. This week there was only one kid who came, so we talked the entire time and played. Yay English!



On Thursday we had our annual mission Christmas party! It was fun to be able to see all the missionaries in our mission. It was held at the American Club up in Taipei. Everything was awesome! It was all you can eat and the food was really good. We were all super happy to be able to attend. Since it’s at least a three hour ride there and back, it took up the entire day.

Proud Mira Loma Matadors!

A couple days ago I also met this cool American who’s traveling through Taiwan! After talking with him for a bit, I found out that he actually attended the same high school as I did, Mira Loma High School! He was there for the first year that Mira Loma was opened. He also lives relatively close to my house! It’s pretty awesome how many people from different countries I’m able to meet being in such a small town here in Taiwan – I also met a cool guy from Germany named Jan! It truly is a small world!

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” (Elf) Yesterday night (Christmas night here in Taiwan), we went to our local train station and sang outside for anyone who came. We ended up singing all of the songs in the hymnbook as well as a couple others. It was cool since we also had a couple members who came with us. We were also able to visit the Tang family (唐家庭)that evening. We started eating a gingerbread house they had on their table…my companion insisted on eating the walls first so it ended up imploding. They ended up giving us the entire thing…yay!

Extreme Gingerbread House Makeover – The Wrecking Ball Episode

Merry Christmas everyone! I really like this song, O Come, Emmanuel by the Piano Guys – have a listen:

– Elder Austin Simonson

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