Christmas is Coming! Christmas is Coming!

Minion missionary and train station worker…or is he a bandit?

Yay 玉里 (Yuli) had a baptism this last week! On Saturday, 丁姐妹 (Sister Ding), one of the people the sister missionaries have been teaching, got baptized in a hot spring! It was pretty since it was in a member’s backyard and the water was pumped in from the nearby hot springs. She’s a really solid member and will be a great addition to our branch here in 玉里 (Yuli).

Train ride with our mission nurse, Sister Vatcher

Unfortunately, one of the sister missionaries here in 玉里 (Yuli), Sister Scharman, had to go home to the US today. She’s been sick for a while now and finally agreed to go home to get better. She was  in the MTC at the same time as I was (at least part of it). She came 6 weeks later than I did – I actually was the missionary who picked her up at the curb, took pictures for her family, and then carried her luggage to the check-in place at the MTC. For the next couple weeks, 玉里 (Yuli) will have no missionaries other than my companion and me. We will be in charge of teaching the sisters’ investigators as well.









(Photos above taken at the 菜家庭’s house)

Love those “candid” shots! Look closely for the “hidden” surprise.

( 玉萍 – yu ping, sleeping at their hostel. Yes…that’s their cat that just had a surgery for it’s broken foot nestled snugly under the covers!)

On Thursday, all of the missionaries in the Taipei mission will be going up to the American Club in Taipei for our Christmas party! The ACC, (it used to be American Club in China, but is still known by the initials ACC),  has provided services to the international community in Taiwan since 1968. The club’s building was once an American military club used over four decades ago for the entertainment of U.S. forces. Now it is considered the thriving hub of expatriate life in Taiwan. I guess it’s the Taiwan version of a country club. It’s a three and a half hour train ride there and back, so our entire day will be used up – but it’s going to be pretty fun!

We got to attend a community Christmas activity in Jhuosi. Jhuosi is a Township located south west of where we live in Yuli Township. There was singing and skits and hundreds of people attended. I know someone, 彥伶, who was in a performance put on by the church she attends. She was a snake in one of the skits. It was a really fun night!

彥伶 and 玉萍

My “reptile” friend. Well done, 彥伶!

Fun night with nice people!

(Watch for 彥伶’s acting debut at about 1:30 to 1:56)

We’ve got your back, Elder Simonson…all chalked up! hehehe

Today’s lesson….

I seem to be able to get lots of photos of our English class in 富里 (Fuli). Some of the girls like to use my camera to take pictures, which works out perfectly since I forget to take photos a lot – they just do it for me! This next week we’ll be taking care of all three of our English classes…which are in three different areas. Yay – we get to use the train more!

The art of the selfie!








At least someone is studying!







Photoelfie: (noun) The art of taking a selfie while making an unsuspecting victim participate

Seriously? You’re teaching them pulchritudinous as a vocabulary word? Some things never change…



Merry Christmas everyone! 聖誕快樂!

– Elder Austin Simonson

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  1. Elder Austin….
    Always enjoy your epistles! Sister Bassett and I know you are going to have a wonderful Christmas, and a busy New Year!

    Elder Smokey & Co. Ho Ho Ho…

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